Saturday, April 9, 2011

eyes open.

From time to time, I find myself in this strange and blessed place of realizing that life - my life, even - is full to the brim with gift and love and grace.

I'm always surprised to be here, suddenly seeing again that those things I considered commonplace are anything but. It's as if I've been dreaming, the way that details blur and time passes quickly - then I'm awake, eyes open wide to light, life's seemingly mundane experiences stark with significance.

When it comes, I breathe this awareness in slow. I'm well-acquainted with Worry and her sidekick, Regret, those thieves intent on stealing time away - but no longer!, I say, and I mean it. My old companions aren't welcome here - because here, in this place surely filled with Spirit, there's simply no space.

And so I walk forward, hoping for grace to see all my tomorrows in light of this truth: that Love is coming close and giving me eyes to see.

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